A review of How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled.

Daniella Watson Hughes’ ‘How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled’ offers droplets of half woken thoughts which spiral into a place where past and present marry in future longings. Edited by Tessa Berring, with accompanying drawings by Joanne Robertson, the pamphlet injects the haze of forgotten night minutes, hastily cemented into the subconscious.

Four poems, introducing Watson Hughes’ two short fiction pieces, set a botanical scene. They resemble important notes scribbled on a coaster in a bar; a reminder to not forget anything when nipping to the off-licence on the way home. Essential. Mundane.

Unforgettable feelings. Rooted in arbor images, Watson Hughes’ pamphlet grows in garish greens and feels like the bark of a young tree. Blindsided, the reader takes sides only to eventually come full circle.

Full of hope and regret and converge, ‘How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled’ is for the reader who appreciates that time is all but linear and who is not afraid of the transience of all that is.

Review by Lisa Lorenz of Team Trident Press. https://www.teamtridentpress.com

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