A review of How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled.

Daniella Watson Hughes’ ‘How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled’ offers droplets of half woken thoughts which spiral into a place where past and present marry in future longings. Edited by Tessa Berring, with accompanying drawings by Joanne Robertson, the pamphlet injects the haze of forgotten night minutes, hastily cemented into the subconscious. Four poems, introducingContinue reading “A review of How Pam Felt Before Pam Fled.”

A short interview with derek beaulieu

1. Firstly, your thoughts on the book as an exhibition space and how this continues to be a valid site. i think that the book completely retains the import that it always has. i believe that the worry that digital publishing will supplant or endanger the book aren’t thinking wide enough. the internet and digitalContinue reading “A short interview with derek beaulieu”


Working through files at work this week the following line leapt out at me – “A collection of ink rubbings of stone inscriptions, pasted together in an accordion-style folding format.” It triggered thoughts relating to the history of concertina books, from early orihon folded configurations through to artists’ books utilising this unfolding leporello design. AsContinue reading “F-‘oldin’”